So long, Hatchet II

If you’re one of the four and a half people that read my review, you probably saw this coming: Hatchet II has been pulled from theaters after a dismal limited-release opening.

It’s sad to see a horror film get that rare unrated release only to be yanked moments later, but more sad is director Adam Green’s delusional obliviousness to the connection between the film’s piss-poor artistic quality and its commercial fate. Horror fans will enjoy Netflixing the brutal flesh-fest for novelty’s sake (and yes the over-the-top gore is absolutely top shelf) but the movie itself is harder to watch than an ax to the vagina (which does occur in Hatchet II.)

I enjoyed the first Hatchet, despite its flaws, but the sequel was an example of something that tried to fly too high, too fast. Still, in the end, ’tis better to have hacked and lost than never to have hacked at all.

Thanks Jason!

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