Please give this seat to the living dead

Just like a zombie to get at you when you’re most vulnerable: the morning commute. From AP:

As if the morning commute weren’t odd enough, intrepid New Yorkers trying to make their way to work had to battle past hordes of the walking dead.

Two dozen zombies, their clothes spattered with fake blood, were staggering up and down the block Tuesday outside Madison Square Garden.

Yup it seems the undead horde was out in force today, plugging AMC’s upcoming series, The Walking Dead. I’ve been extremely psyched about this show’s Halloween premiere since I heard about it a few months ago. Given the incredible graphic novel upon which it’s based and AMC’s recent track record of excellent television, I’m anticipating something truly special. So if you don’t have plans on Halloween around 10, you should definitely check it out. And if you watch, be sure to stop by the 31 Flavors during the show…

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