2011 Week 1 Recap

What a week! Here’s a look a what you might have missed in this season’s first Week of Terror:

Tucker & Dale vs Evil – Haven’t we had enough comedy-of-errors movies featuring accidental dives into wood-chippers?

Bedlam Episode 1.1 – With rental prices being what they are, the only thing shocking here is that there are still any vacancies.

Shadow of a Doubt – Alfred Hitchcock. I’ve heard of him.

The Changeling – General Patton ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Stake Land – There, in the ground: it’s a zombie! It’s a vampire! It’s a…well yeah, actually it’s a zombie vampire.

Ravenous – People, it’s what’s for dinner.

TrollHunter – Tosserlads and ringlefinches and jotnars, oh my!

American Horror Story Episode 1.1 – If you have sex with a man made of latex, do you still need to use a condom?

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) – PUKE.

Bring it right back here tomorrow to see if I can make it through the full sequence of surgical ass-to-mouthery! DOUBLE PUKE.

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