2011 Week 3 Recap

Three weeks of Terror down, only one full week of Terror to go! (Plus a super awesome Three-Day Halloweekend of Terror after that. Huzzah!) Here’s the skinny on 2011’s third Week of Terror:

Priest – Peter Pan finds religion and takes on futuristic vampires. I barf all over myself.

Creature from the Black Lagoon – You can be my Gill Man anytime.

TV: The Walking Dead 2.1 – Back and deader than ever.

Deadgirl – At least buy her dinner first!

TV: Bedlam 1.3 – This show is garbage. Can’t wait for the inevitable CW import.

Lifeforce – Once you go space vampire, you never go back.

The Last Exorcism – LIAR.

Red State – May Jay and Silent Bob strike me down.

TV: American Horror Story 1.3 – Do not fuck with Connie.

Pieces – BYO handjobs.

That’s it for this week. Stop by tomorrow as we begin our fourth Week of Terror with Paranormal Activity 3, a movie that explores the horror of $13 déjà vu.

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