2011 Week 4 Recap

The fourth Week of Terror is at an end. Congrats on surviving to this point! Who knows, maybe the killer won’t get you after all. Here’s a look at the week that was:

Paranormal Activity 3 – This family spends entirely too much on video equipment.

Frogs – Nobody fucks with Kermit.

TV: Bedlam 1.4 – Die, Kate! I hate you.

TV: The Walking Dead 2.2 – Old McHershel had a farm…

Let Me In – So I can bite your face off.

Good Neighbors – Not really.

Quarantine 2: Terminal – I know nothing about zombie movies.

TV: American Horror Story 1.4 – Things you do not want your doctor to say: “Let’s talk a look at this ultrasound and- DEAR GOD WHAT IS THAT?”

Frontiers – They don’t have chainsaws in France?

Q – Haven’t we had enough Aztec religious horror by now?

Quite a week, eh? Come on back tomorrow for the start of the Final Three-Day Weekend of Terror! I’ll kick things off with a screening of the insane 1972 Japanese flick, House. Just a few more days ’til the demons get their due…

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