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There’s a Harvest Moon on the Rise….

Posted in news on September 30, 2012 by adam

Welcome back to fall, minions!

October begins in less than four hours and I’m having a hard time containing my excitement. In the span of a week the weather has gone from Jurassic¬†humidity to temperatures in which I can safely wear jeans without producing three gallons of rank ball sweat. Coincidentally, the fall harvest moon is in the sky tonight, telling farming conglomerates it’s time to bash their mutant chickens against the wall or whatever. The leaves are turning beautiful colors. (Not in New York. Our leaves fall in their greenest prime and die penniless in the gutter.) Supermarkets are selling mini pumpkins and decorative squashes and other things that demand immediate and vigorous shellacking. The replacement refs are gone and football is fun to watch again. The cool breeze wafting through my apartment has me fully engorged.¬†I’m gonna run a train on some popcorn in like 200 minutes. Dear god, I love this month. Continue reading

Oh, No. What’s That, in the Rear View Mirror…

Posted in news on September 25, 2012 by adam

Who’s ready for October? THIS GUY. Holy crap it feels like it’s been a year.

Some really exciting theatricals this Halloween season, plus some new movie selection criteria that really focuses the mission of the blog. Can’t wait to show you around.

See you next week!