2012 Week 1 Recap

A few months ago my parents decided they didn’t have room in their enormous house for my precious childhood memories. They hauled a dozen boxes of report cards, perfect attendance certificates and class photos to New York and dumped them in my tiny apartment. As I fought through the tears I came across a packet of October-appropriate drawings I did when I was a kid. I’m gonna include one or two every week for your amusement. I’d like to say I drew these when I was like five but more than likely I was in third or fourth grade so, yeah, talent.

Here’s a roundup of the past week’s movies:

The Innkeepers – Unemployment is the least of their problems. OBAMA.

Demons – A classic piece of crap.

Detention – School’s out for-evahhhh!

ATM – Transaction declined.

V/H/S – Who transfers Skype sessions to tape?

Frankenweenie – Reanimated corpses. Adorable.

Dead Season – Woulda made just as much sense if it was called Dead Seasoning. More, actually.

That’s it for week one. Tune in tomorrow as we kick off week two with The Boogens. Sounds like high art to me.

One Response to “2012 Week 1 Recap”

  1. BocceMama Says:

    Of course I have no way of knowing the circumstances under which parents who purport to love you would relinquish such treasures as you describe. Unless they are dying, or perhaps installing a bathroom to provide comfort and ease when their farflung children visit, there is no call for such callous behavior.Booya and loveya!

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