2012 Week 2 Recap

Holy heckfire, can you believe we’re already through two full weeks of October? The magic month is almost halfway gone. It’s growing up so fast, I just want to stop time! Here’s a look at what went down in week 2:

Childhood me apparently classified unicorns as monsters.

The Boogens – I like the nightlife. I like to Boogens.

YellowBrickRoad – We’re off to see the- WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!

Kill List – Eggs, milk, flour…what am I forgetting? Oh right, murder Steve.

Resurrect Dead: The Mystey of the Toynbee Tiles – And the award for longest title goes to…

The Revenant – Thanks, but I’d revanot.

Sinister – Please remember to always store your snuff films in a cool, dry place.

All vampires wear frilly tuxedo shirts. No one disputes this.

Lake Mungo – I got yer found footage RIGHT HERE.

That’s it for this week but don’t miss week three, which starts with a ludicrously bad made-for-Syfy shitshow called Camel Spiders, which I guess was a thing in the news for a like a week last year. Personally, I’d rather see a movie called Spider Camels. EIGHT LEGS. TWO HUMPS. AND ONLY ONE THING ON THE MENU: YOU!

Not surprisingly, that is a movie I would watch.

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