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Mad Monster Party (1967)

Posted in movies with tags , , , on October 31, 2012 by adam

Aw man, it’s the final Flavor of 2012. This year I saved a family classic for the finale, Rankin & Bass’ Mad Monster Party. The actual title is Mad Monster Party?, but I get uncomfortable putting end punctuation in the middle of a sentence.

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Frankenweenie (2012)

Posted in movies with tags , , on October 6, 2012 by adam

I’ve been overdosing on caffeine this week thanks to the new Starbucks across the street from my office. Last time I was there some assistant managista told me I should try a Clover. I didn’t  know if that was a kind of frappuccino or drug code so I ignored him. Then some Russian tourist behind me barks, “The best. Give me the best coffee.” They sold him a Panama Paso Ancho, methodically coaxed into existence on an enormous silver contraption that is apparently called the Clover. Intrigued by the absurd complexity of the machine, I ordered one, too.

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Coraline (2008)

Posted in movies with tags , , on October 27, 2010 by adam

I’ve said from the beginning not all of the 31 Flavors would be horror movies, or even scary movies. The focus is strictly on movies that help get you into the Halloween spirit. Since most of the selections thus far have been fairly well soaked in blood and viscera, today’s Flavor is one for the whole family: Tim Burton’s hit stop-motion animated feature, Coraline.

Wait…Tim Burton didn’t direct this? Aw what the crap.

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